“Wildlife”Guernica Magazine, March 2015

His friends, his lovers, grew up navigating the world as boys growing into men. For Evan, it would always be different.


“Saving” The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard, 2012

There is no easy path, no before or after. You’re the same, and yet more yourself. More the person you imagine yourself to be.


  “'Ain't That Something?': Book Review of Trampoline by Robert Gipe"  -Southern Spaces, May 2016


“Early In My Transition, Two Teenagers Helped Me Embrace My Identity”  - BuzzFeed, April 2015

I’d been thinking about this name for years, held it close. Now I hear it the way it sounds to them — the same way, in the quietest of moments, I also hear it: a single, clear, enduring note.


“Johnson City”  - Appalachian Heritage, Spring 2014

For as long as Stephen could remember, his grandmother had called him “my little girl.” I wondered what she thought when she looked at him now.


"Where You Can Find Me: Book Review.”  - Fiction Writers Review, April 2013

“Photograph, 2007”  - Still: The JournalSummer 2012

My grandfather, as rooted to the land as the giant sycamores down by the creek, knew every inch of the property. Knew the names of trees and birds.